Artificial Intelligence: A Tsunami Like No Other

60% of children today will work in future jobs that do not exist as of today.

I suppose it is fair to say that a sizeable number of people still in education/academic phases currently- will be working in future in roles that are not yet clearly defined.

As we all know trillion dollar investments globally have gone into AI startups and AI driven business-thesis in the last 5 years. Consequentially, this is definitely going to be the fluid that in coming years that will enable everything and will be the bedrock of all foundational changes. As the technology is maturing, the changes are becoming more pervasive, dramatic and all-encompassing.

Although, AI for sure is going to transform the world- I do not believe jobs will just be about AI, I believe they will be about the infrastructure changes surrounding it.

For instance, let us take the several billion dollar disruptive paradigm- collaborative economy. So, everyone does not work in AirBnB or Deliveroo- but they do have AirBnB cleaners. They do have people who make quick takeaways in one corner of the restaurant only for Deliveroo. So, new kinds of jobs did come about even outside of these very large giants. Now, we have real estate developers building houses so as to target the customer who will buy it just to AirBnB it. Hence, the Domino effect is still on. You get the picture?

Many business schools and Universities are already considering introducing AI in their syllabi-I believe it is the right direction to take.

How to work in automated environments? What will be the new work ethics?What kind of organisation structures will ensue and how does one deal with this new exponential economy of scale? How to evaluate competition in this new landscape and where will be the regulatory challenges?

All of these lead to new fields of thinking and doing, not just in tech and sciences but also in economics, politics, philosophy, finance and law. Flexibility will be key and multidisciplinary approaches will be the order of the day.

Also, disruption means opportunities as well as losses. We lose when we cannot see the opportunity so for business owners the key to winning this race will be proactiveness and ability to create new paradigms in their own work.

The winners in all sides will be those who take these leaps first and are ready to embrace the data driven, AI driven world.

See you on the other side, grab a pair of oars mate and start rowing.

This will be a Tsunami like no other.

Joyeeta is a serial entrepreneur focused on bringing value to deep tech entrepreneurial pursuits by thinking out of the box, identifying market gaps and rapidly scaling to commercial goals. Customer success and employee welfare are the cornerstones of her entrepreneurial philosophy and building long term, sustainable, resilient technology based value propositions are her speciality. She holds an MBA from Oxford University and has been selected to be a diplomatic representative at the highest levels of international co-operation such as UK-Brazil ,UK-India, Uk-Canada and UK-USA trade delegations.